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Exceeding Expectations is Our Specialty
Our culture starts with our people. When you have great people,
we attract great people and have great results for our clients.

Our goal is for our consultants to love what they do and we specifically curate each engagement team with experienced professionals who share common traits allowing us to exceed expectations everyday. What traits do we seek? We are so glad you asked! Positivity, kindness, accountability, trusting, flexible, ego free, humorous, empathetic professionals are what the members on our rock star teams share in common and where we all believe in equality. 


Connecting professionals with purposeful, flexible, remote positions is a winning combination for our clients. For every unique engagement, we curate teams of professionals to meet the experience our clients need. As an extension of our clients team, our engagement team reorganizes work to accomplish our clients priorities.  We are creating job opportunities for experienced talent looking to work 10, 20, 40 hours per week, and know what is possible with 10 hours per week with an experienced talent who don’t waste time commuting to the office or at water cooler conversations. 

Accounting & Finance
CFOs, CPAs, controllers, accountants, internal audit staff, SBA & commercial banking experts to name a few of our previous positions. Our talented team combined brings over 100 years experience working in Finance & Accounting with firms including Arthur Andersen, JPMorgan Chase, GE Capital, Wintrust Bank and William Blair all of which are highly respected firms in the Chicago markets.

Experience Matters. Our team opened and implemented numerous clients in the first Shared Service Center in Phoenix, AZ back in the late 1990's providing us experience and knowledge to create a new Digital Outsourcing Practice. We have been helping clients large and small with their outsourcing needs ever since.

Sales & Marketing
With the rapid pace of digital innovation in the marketing industry, one size does not fit all.  Our team of Marketing Strategists excel at helping define or refine your marketing strategy while matching your goals and objectives with the latest digital tools and people to execute your marketing plan. You need experts with specialized skills and we coordinate the execution with a team of talented resources including; designers, digital marketing strategies, photographers, SEO/SEM experts, marketing coordinators, copy writers, proofreaders, editors, PR strategist, web & video producers, presentation and proposal creators to name a several specialities.

Technology Matters. Leveraging the latest technology and the growing trends to join the Gig Economy we created this firm as a innovative way to attract and retain the best talent back to the workforce utilizing digital solutions while delivering excellent & measurable results for clients.

Human Resources
Growing organizations require additional resources to manage your workforce.  Our team of experts handle all aspects of HR management including employee on-boarding, payroll, benefit administration, talent acquisition, training, employee satisfaction and compliance to ensure your workforce remains compliant with local labor regulations.  We focus on your talent while you focus on your business.

Flexibility Matters. We recognize the trends in the Gig Economy and created this firm to allow our talent to leverage technology, implement HR best practices while working within flexible working environments.

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