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The C-suite beat: August 2021

Monthly Insights in Accounting, Finance, HR, Marketing, & ESG


Accounting & Finance:

Management Dashboard KPIs

Management Dashboards offer the promise of having key performance indicators readily available in order to make timely, effective decisions. But are you tracking the right indicators? Are many of them looking backwards instead of future focused? Learn to turn your company's performance indicators into leading indicators in the article "How to Turn a Performance Dashboard into a Crystal Ball"


Human Resources:

Attracting talent during a worker shortage

Since the start of 2021 terms like “remote work burnout”, “return to work anxiety”, “pandemic ptsd” have been popping up. These are very real phenomena and issues that we have all seen manifest in different ways. Organizations need to recognize that employees will be suffering from any or all of these, and will need to make a concerted effort to address mental health issues directly. Psychologists share insights and tips on how to deal with RTW anxiety.



modern day marketing

You finally have a grasp on social media and how to connect with your customers on Instagram and maybe TikTok, but marketing is continuing to evolve beyond social media. Read 7 tips to Modern Marketing you need to know for 2021 and learn new ways to connect and improve customer experience


Environmental, Social, Governance:

Recent ESG-Related Events Signal Shift Towards Regulation

To date, most ESG disclosures are voluntary, but the Securities and Exchange Commission is now indicating mandatory climate change disclosure guidelines later this year. A recent ruling against Royal Dutch Shell and activists taking over board seats at Exxon Mobile signal that is more important than ever for companies to make ESG issues a priority.


In Other News

* Learn how local organizations - Driving Forward & Chicago Apprentice Network - are working to skill and provide greater job opportunities to students in all communities. Great ways for your organization to get involved and attract the next generation of talent! * While the recent successful commercial trips to space are incredible scientific feats, don't forget the impacts space travel have on our planet. Read: "How the billionaire space race could be one giant lead for pollution" * Read our July Issue of ESG Minute Newsletter we highlight Business Considerations in a Warming World, Pay Gap Transparency, Cyber Security for Small Business, and more!

* Dream Source Solutions is excited to be participating in #Sharethegreen incubator program which is focused on advancing female supplier diversity in corporate supply chains!

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