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In this issue we invite you to join us in our upcoming ESG Webinar as well as highlight recent events, impacts to People & Planet, as well as recent updates with the Biden Administration prioritizing Climate Change.

🌎 Environment: How are companies achieving net zero? Although climate related disclosures have yet to be mandated, over 90% of the S&P 500 companies are now creating Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Reports and sharing greenhouse gas emissions numbers. 🌍 Social: Join Us for our Bringing Sustainability to Life ESG Webinar on October 27th at 9am CDT, where the conversation will be focused on the "S" in ESG. Our accomplished panelists from ATPCO, KPMG, LinkedIn and Oaktree Capital will discuss best practices in SOCIAL and HUMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, how the "S" is evaluated during M&A and investment strategies and how to get started with ESG reporting. 🌏 Governance: This week the Biden Administration Releases Roadmap to Build an Economy Resilient to Climate Change Impacts as extreme weather has cost Americans an additional $600 billion in physical and economic damages over the past 5 years alone.


🌎 How are Companies Achieving Net-Zero? Better read the fine print! Net-Zero. Almost every large organization has released a commitment to achieving it. But what does it mean and how are they planning to get there? In our latest article “How are Companies Achieving Net-Zero? Better read the fine print!” we explore Net-Zero, and the ways companies are moving towards it. We also dig into the details of Carbon Offsets and Renewable Energy Certificates and share examples of how companies use these instruments to reach net-zero. News Flash! Reading the fine print of ESG reports shows that the progress doesn’t always match the aspirational commitments.



FOCUSING THE CONVERSATION ON THE S IN ESG Wednesday, October 27 at 9am CDT/ 10am ET Grab a coffee and join us for this ESG Webinar where we will be talking about the SOCIAL in ESG with an incredible panelist of speakers from ATPCO, KPMG, LinkedIn and Oaktree Capital. Wondering how asset managers evaluate ESG risks during M&A due diligence? Wondering how LinkedIn supports their PEOPLE while building an inclusive culture? Curious how to keep your remote workforce engaged remotely? Please join us to learn what are the material SOCAL risks, KPIs and metrics to evaluate and KPMG will dive into how companies should get started impacting SOCIAL matters. We hope you can join us for this important conversation!


🌏 Governance: Biden Administration Releases Roadmap to Build an Economy Resilient to Climate Change Impacts This past week the Biden-Harris Administration released a comprehensive, government-wide strategy to measure, disclose, manage and mitigate the systemic risks climate change poses to American families, businesses, and the economy. This year alone, extreme weather has upended the U.S. economy and affected one in three Americans. Both international and domestic supply chains have been disrupted by climate change – whether it’s floods in China and Texas, or wildfires that have burned nearly six million acres of land, supply chains across critical industries including housing, construction, semiconductors, and agriculture have been affected, causing delays and shortages for both consumers and businesses. American families are paying the costs. Extreme weather has cost Americans an additional $600 billion in physical and economic damages over the past five years alone. Climate-related risks hidden in workers’ retirement plans have already cost American retirees billions in lost pension dollars. Climate change poses a systemic risk to our economy and our financial system, and we must take decisive action to mitigate its impacts.



  • Read our September C-Suite Beat! Focused on key trends and insights in Accounting, Finance, HR, Marketing & ESG.

  • The Value Reporting Foundation released the SASB Standards XBRL Taxonomy late last month. The key objectives of the Taxonomy are to simplify the disclosure process for businesses and improve the quality, usefulness and comparability of environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosures to investors.The SASB Standards XBRL taxonomy is now ready for public use.

  • KPMG announces they plan to spend more than US $1.5 billion to focus on the ESG change agenda.

  • More than half of S&PGlobal 1200 now disclose using SASB Standards according to The Value Reporting Foundation.


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